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The no-reproduction-without-governmental-consent rules come not from any moral or religious principles, but from pure pragmatism: A mutiny ensues in Martian Successor Nadesico over a clause in Nergal's contract which stipulates that the members of the crew aren't allowed to do anything more sexual than hold hands, as Mr. However it should be noted that in the manga, Hitomi has a possibly human boyfriend. Long story short, High Programmers tend to maintain personal harems. Although sex for reproduction purposes still works normally. The extravagantly dystopian totalitarian regime of the People's Republic of Daros in the Spaceforce novels forbids personal relationships. At first, it appears that sex is common and taken lightly, judging by how casually Lenina Huxley offers herself. In the present, off-world literature written by women is censored, only men considered morally stable are allowed to read scientific articles written by women for fear they might be infected with this madness, and few Athosians leave their planet. The episode "Up the Long Ladder" had a situation where a crashed colony ship had only five survivors and not a large enough gene pool to produce a healthy society, so they relied on cloning and banned sex to prevent inbreeding. And if you survive long enough to get to Ultraviolet clearance Kleiner addressing the population on the esque telescreens. When he asks that she make love with him in payment for the clothes and transportation he's providing, she describes some kind of ritual involving computers and pills.

Where sex is allowed

Presumably, "inferior males" of the three ape species aren't permitted to mate. Do You Remember Love? Kent agreed, the band members should not be changing prison status. It was something that had been going on for years There is only a vague recognition that humans come in male and female. The Forsaken are prohibited from having procreative sex with each other, on threat of deformed, sterile offspring or deformed, evil, ghost child of Doom, respectively. Local businesses reported an increase in the sales of flowers and other marriage-related services directly related to the beginning of same-sex marriages. John Spartan seems to find it too intense, or just unsettling for someone who has never done it. The state announcing that processing would take a week and began doing so within hours of the court's action. A mutiny ensues in Martian Successor Nadesico over a clause in Nergal's contract which stipulates that the members of the crew aren't allowed to do anything more sexual than hold hands, as Mr. Archived from the original on 23 July Archived from the original on 22 November If they're all clones that's probably still a valid response since there's still only five different base codes. The world known as Beta Colony is arguably an inversion. But no one's done that for centuries! Archived from the original on 14 February In Appleseed the movie, the Elders state that they have suppressed the reproductive functions of the Bioroids, to which Hitomi clarifies: Archived from the original on 25 November Men and women have sex by hooking their brains up to a machine that amplifies and echoes their arousal back to each other; touching is forbidden. Oregon argued that Multnomah County lacked the authority to issue same-sex marriage licenses and that Ballot Measure 36 was retroactive, making the issue of those licenses moot. Recognized partnership law, ". Retrieved 14 February Instead, Psyches that are bonded in same-sex pairs engage in the telepathic technique of "sharing dreams" with each other. It should be noted though that Episode One reveals that the "suppression field" mentioned apparently doesn't suppress the drive: Then a fertile male shows up and suddenly all the women want him because his ability to fill them with babies makes the sex ridiculously good. I guess they don't want clones reproducing real people.

Where sex is allowed

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  1. LeBlanc has never agreed to appear on television to discuss the reports. Retrieved 31 January

  2. At noon on May 19, , Judge McShane issued his opinion, ruling that the state's constitutional ban was unconstitutional.

  3. Kitzhaber see below , striking down Oregon's ban on same-sex marriage, the group announced that it was "confident that the freedom to marry is secure in Oregon" and that it would not proceed with the measure. Oregon Ballot Measure 36 On May 21, , the Defense of Marriage Coalition received approval for the language of a proposed initiative to prohibit same-sex marriage.

  4. In July , the Court of Appeals lifted the temporary ban blocking the registration of the marriage licenses issued by Multnomah County. The society of Libria from Equilibrium has outlawed all human emotion in an effort to stop another disastrous war from coming to pass.

  5. The Oregon state registrar had been holding the completed licenses pending a court decision as to their validity, rather than entering them into the state's records system.

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