Sex changing platys

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How To Sex Your Molly, Platy, Guppy, or Swordtail

First, annuals are best obtained either directly from a breeder or via eggs. They all now have the 7. They must have the surface of the bag exposed to air to allow oxygen to enter the bag thru the bag walls or the fish will die. The following is intended to provide a good jump start on this knowledge. The first 3 that died must have been hiding from the male because I found them in the cave like ornament I have in my tank. However, now things have changed. Joanne, if I weren't happily married, I'd kiss you! Likewise, it is possible that the nitrogenous waste buildup from so many fish is just overwhelming. If only I had done my research or read this article before I bought my first aquarium and fish. He ate anything I put in there. I have a male who is my favorite, and both his father and mother have already died. What size tank do you have and what fish are you keeping in it? Guppy 2 has worsened considerably. This is so wrong!

Sex changing platys

The "subordinate" males went after the most likely candidate the He-Bull, in a manner of speaking in order to increase their standing with the "females". Such annuals include many South American killies and African Nothobranchius species. He will not take food. It is possibly more like 55 females ranging from just a month or two old to fully grown females. It takes several days to a week for a fish to acclimate to water of DH vastly different factor of 2 or more. I have attached some pictures. But I take your advice on over crowding, I thought I was about right for tank size. Should I give it a 15 gallon dosage? Even fish that dont have a high tolerance for salt will do fine with a modest amount in the tank. As a very limited supply, store purchased distilled not spring water can be added in small quantities to a breeding tank. Please feel free to request any more info or photos as I will be more then glad to forward it to you ASAP. What will little shrimpies work with? So not all Goldfish types are beginner friendly but there are several which do. As there is no sign of ich, I am leaning towards body flukes. He is not "full of energy" so to speak, but at least he is moving about. This has been going on for a couple of weeks now. It's a hit or miss, honestly, though it gets annoying when people think I work commission and don't care about the fish after they leave the store. You took away his "chew toys". I feed them with flake food and they're doing great. The real question should be "Why are all fish not given their proper names? As you get to know the seller, you will learn if you are getting good, young fish, not old ones. I am encouraged by the slowing of the infection, but not much else at the moment. If you receive the fish in "breathable bags" you can tell as these bags will have only water and NO air inside do NOT float such bags in your tank. Non annual killies include some of the most colorful of freshwater fish, equaling many of the salt water fish in beauty. Once she had her babies we kept them in the 2.

Sex changing platys

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  1. Fish usually eat and are active up until the bacterial infection becomes prominent 5. It may be that prevailing conditions in an established aquarium are interfering absorbing mostly the "medicine"

  2. I am sorry this letter is so long and I hope not confusing. Since we worried they might still be too little to be with the adults, we then moved the adults back into the small tank with the same set up they had had when in our dorm room small filter and some plants.

  3. He also had what looked like an abrasion on his head. Feedings are done more than once per day and in very tiny quantities.

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