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Taurus & Libra: Love Compatibility

And yes, we live in the 21st century and I've only traveled to multiple island nations, Canada, Mexico, Europe and the United States. As I move around the zodiac wheel I see I forgot to mention that the south node has moved next to your solar sun. The committed, loving and passionate Taureans are very desirable mates. Various interesting information about astrology. The attitude is "it's your loss". Quality and freshness are important. If you can still believe in love and commitment after all you have been through on a personal level then you may find a new and exciting love in your life, or at least a fellow soul who has the same passion as you do. They don't trust people who change their stories, and don't ever think they don't notice--they do. This is probably better anyway. If it takes a few years to achieve their goals, so be it. Through Venus, we learn about our tastes, pleasures, artistic inclinations, love life, money matters, and what makes us happy. To find out how to interpret your dreams, view a dream dictionary and other interesting things, visit A look into our own future? Many people do not know how sensitive Taurus really is, they hide it well. Taurus will have a relaxed and intimate relationship with partners after this time.

Astrology sex taurus

This is not to say that either intellectual or sexual stimulation is a bad thing, just that Taurus needs the complement of emotional satisfaction to fully potentiate these other elements. Monthly Horoscope June Venus will enter Taurus towards the middle of the month, creating the perfect celestial energy for love and sex. Getting into shape is something which may interest you, and building up your muscles might be a good goal. Taurus love life may or may not take an unexpected turn. Here in the U. You believe you know what you want and you know what it will take to get it. Love can result in bigger and better things with the New Moon. Monthly Horoscope June Saturn seems to be coupled perfectly with the beauty and surrealism of Neptune, which is the perfect time for a man to search for his dreams. You and a partner may be having some of the best times of your life right now. Taureans have a love for the finer things in life, but also possess a streak of jealously. This is definitely a big deal. Once Taurus has decided they don't like something, it's hard, if not impossible, to change or open their minds on the subject! You may need to poke them to get them going, however. Being pushed and manipulated into doing something. Select individual icons in the image grid for more information about Taurus and Taurus associations. A man or a woman could return looking for love, or perhaps it'll just be old memories. This means that Taurus should find romantic overtures easier than ever, and are encouraged to work with it! They like to do things their way. Their partners are their territory too. If you are in a bad country, then obviously this is very self explanatory. The most negative thing I see in your new solar chart for is that it appears you are over utilizing some of your gifts or contacts. Fortune and fame may be theirs by carefully planning and actively seeking those things that are of importance to them. This will apply to both a man or a woman and will be a turning point for Taurus but be aware of family members who have been a problem where love and sex are concerned. Your sex drive will be in overdrive but you may discover obstacles that stand in the way of your physical fulfillment this month of April. Figure it out on a daily basis during the years you can live legitimately like that.

Astrology sex taurus

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  1. Taurus is turned on by lovely people and places, the physical body exudes sensuality which quickly arouses desires. They are perfectly fine on being alone, this way things get done they way they want them to be done.

  2. The painstaking, deliberate journey to accomplishing this is actually what a Taurean is about. They are perfectly fine on being alone, this way things get done they way they want them to be done.

  3. With Mercury in Taurus the first half of the month, it would be a good time to discuss future plans together.

  4. Tension is many times a result of over doing which affects the vocal cords causing laryngitis. Monthly Horoscope December If there have been difficult times during the past few years regarding relationships, Taurus can rest easy as this trend will start to turn around during the third week of December

  5. The health and quality of your love life will be transformed. Some of this will be romantic attention, but if you happen to be an artist of any kind you may also finally gain some attention for your creative endeavors.

  6. All of the signs are happy when they are Home and we will reap some amount of benefit from this energy change.

  7. All of this should act as a reminder that moderation of most everything can help them maintain a healthier lifestyle. Some Famous People with Mercury in Taurus:

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